The events will be run as follows.

1- Each rider will be given

Intermediate and Advanced 2- 1 minute runs
Jr Intermediate and Beginner 2- 45 second runs

2- The classes will run in the following order.
a. Intermediate
b. Advanced
c. Jr Intermediate
d. Beginner

3- Anybody can enter any of the events. Even if they are not in the
Series. Podium spots will be awarded at each event regardless if riders are in the Series or not.

4- We will run through each class twice and then move on to the next class.

5- You will be judged as defined in the scoring section. See below.

6- The winners will be based on the better of 2 runs.

7- You will receive your amount of points towards the series championship (Finals) at the end of each competition. These will add up and determine the top 10 for the championship.

8- At the end of the event, point standings for the series will be posted on our website as well as social media.

9- Series points will be based on where you end up in the field for each event. The point breakdown is attached. Please see below.

10- After the three qualifying events, there will be a Final Championship Competition where the top ten points leaders will compete for the Best of California. The championship will be open to everybody but only the top 10 will be competing for the championship. At the end of the championship there will be winners from the day’s event, as well as winners of the series announced.

11- Any time there is a field mixed with series competitors as well as non series competitors, the non series names will be removed and then points will be awarded from that list for the Championship (Finals).

12- Sand bagging will not be tolerated and will be dealt with on a case by case basis. If the judges think collectively that you are sand bagging, you will just receive a low score for your run. All decisions will be finalized by the Registration / Judging Manager.

Scoring will be done the same way at each event throughout the season. There will be 2-3 judges at each event and they will judge you in the following areas.

1- NUMBER OF TRICKS LANDED. For this category you will receive 1 point for each trick that you land. There is a total of 10 points available in this category. EXAMPLE- If you throw 12 tricks in your run but only land 9, you will receive 9 points. This category will account for 54.5% of your total score.

2- DIFFICULTY / AMPLITUDE. For this category you will receive a simple score of 1-10. It will be based on the overall difficulty of your tricks as well as the amplitude of your tricks. EXAMPLE- A flair whip will receive a higher score than a tail whip as it is more DIFFICULT. A buttercup 3 feet above coping will receive a higher score than a buttercup under coping as it has more AMPLITUDE. This category will account for 23.3% of your total score

3- FLOW / PARK USE. For this category you will receive a simple score of 1-10. It will be based on the flow of your run as well as your use of the park. EXAMPLE- A run full of flyout tricks will receive fewer points than a run that is based on a single line with airout tricks as it has better FLOW. A rider that sticks to one area of the park will receive fewer points than a rider that uses multiple areas of the park as they had better PARK USE. This category will account for 22.2% of your total score.

Each judge will give a 1-10 in all three categories. The scores will be multiplied by the percentage of importance spelled out above. They will be added together and then averaged for your final run score. The best score out of 2 runs will count for the event.


This is the breakdown of points for the series.
1st place= 25 points
2nd place= 23 points
3rd place= 20 points
4th place= 16 points
5th place= 11 points
6th place= 10 points
7th place= 9 points
8th place= 8 points
9th place= 7 points
10th place= 6 points
11th place= 5 points
12th place= 5 points
13th place= 5 points
14th place= 5 points
15th place= 5 point