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Welcome to the registration page for the West Coast Winter Series! Registration is now open for the West Coast Winter Series Championships on January 13.We are striving to make this series of competitions the best experience for every rider & parent, therefore, we are implementing several new policies, to ensure a fair, unbiased and memorable competition. One of the most exciting changes is the development of fair rider categories with a general description & guideline for each of the levels. These are outlined in the chart below to help you select the correct level in which to compete. To help us maintain the integrity of our competition, it is important you register in the right level. Deliberate sandbagging (intentionally staying in a level you clearly dominate) will not be tolerated. Therefore, if you have any questions as to which level is the correct one, please feel free to contact us directly for clarification PRIOR to registering.

Thank you, and see you soon! – Ronka Staff (661)397-6652

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Results From Round 3 at Ronka Underground Skatepark


Jr Intermediate